Francois Mukosa


Francois Mukosa


My name is Francois Kazadi Mukosa. I was born in Lubumbashi; the second largest city of the Democratic Republic of Congo. I am ordained as a United Methodist Elder in full connection. Before my appointment at Brodhead United Methodist Church, I served five United Methodist local Churches in the North-Katanga area in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I also served as a senior pastor for three and a half years in two United Methodist local churches, St. Luke’s UMC (Crandon) and Argonne UMC, here in the Wisconsin Conference. While attending the seminary in Texas, I served as an assistant pastor and a coordinator of a worship team, preaching, doing Bible study and leading the music during worship services with Heart of Africa fellowship at Lovers Lane UMC in Dallas. I also volunteered with a refugee church named Africa Community Church at the afternoon service in Dallas serving as youth pastor.

I always try to work hard to be a faithful servant. I also want to be a leader who is passionate
about intentionally building a strong and Christ-centered relationship, in the context of social
inclusion, with all the people of God. I always desire to create a good atmosphere in which
God’s children feel welcome in a space in which they share God’s love, nurture and support for
everyone without discrimination.

I believe that Christian leadership development is a lifelong journey in ministry to which I am
committed through listening to, learning from, and teaching others. I believe that the local church
means to love your neighbors, open a wide door for people to learn more about Christ the Lord
our Savior, and eventually bring change and make disciples for the transformation of the world,
including the community we live in.

I was born and raised in the Democratic Republic of Congo as I mentioned in my first paragraph,
and then arrived in the United States in 2018. I earned my Masters of Theological Studies degree
at the Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas/Texas.
Before coming to the United States, I lived in Zimbabwe on a student visa at Africa University
for five good years, where I earned my bachelor’s degree in Art Humanities and Social Sciences.
I graduated in 2011 (

During my time in Zimbabwe, I worked as a volunteer in mission (VIM) for three years at the
Fairfield Orphanage ministering to teenagers and kids at the orphanage. I trained a young group
and assisted each individual with gardening, reading the Bible and learning music. I also led the
Africa University Choir and was part of fundraising that allowed the chamber choir to tour in the
United States of America (2009-2010) and to support vulnerable students with scholarships. I
coordinated dynamic youth activities including adult Sunday school (men & women
discussions), youth Bible study, and vacation Bible studies in all of the areas I served.

My wife, Irene Monga Mukosa and I, have been married for 18 years. We are blessed with four
boys and one girl: Victor Mukosa (17) Guysha Mukosa (10), Ignace Mukosa (8), Blessing
Mukosa (5) and Mary Mukosa (10months). My wife, Irene Mukosa volunteered in the Congo
with the United Methodist high school in the city of Lubumbashi. She is also talented in music
and was part of the praise and worship Band at St. Luke’s and she sang soprano and alto. She
likes to sew and has learned from our friend in Crandon how to sew clothes.
Victor, my first born likes to sing as well and plays basketball and football with the Junior
Varsity at Crandon High School. Guysha my second son is learning how to play the piano and
drum. He plays soccer, basketball and wrestling and was a 4 times champion in wrestling at
Crandon Elementary School. My third son, Ignace Mukosa likes to play soccer and wrestle.
Blessing, my youngest son, likes to play the piano, as well as basketball, soccer and wrestling.
I feel I am able to adjust and work with people from different backgrounds and various cultural
contexts. My family and I will consider it a great blessing to live and serve in the Brodhead
United Methodist Church in the Southwest District, Wisconsin Conference.